According to a handwritten inscription on the back of this photograph, the person
featured is "George Bommeli." We are not certain if this is Hans Georg Bonelli
(1798-1875) or his son. Gift of Richard E. Turley Sr.

Born: 22 Apr 1798
Place: Weingarten, Weinfelden, Thurgau, Switzerland
Died: 5 May 1875
Place: Tooele, Tooele, Utah
Buried: Tooele City Cemetery, Tooele, Tooele, Utah

First Wife: Anna Barbara Ammann (1795-1834)
Married: 1823
Place: Switzerland
Child 1: Susanna Bommeli (1823-1825)
Child 2: Katharina Bommeli (1825-1825)
Child 3: Johann Georg Bommeli (1826-1827)
Child 4: Johann Georg Bommeli (1827-1899), aka George Bonelli
Child 5: Maria Bommeli (1831-1913), aka Mary Bommeli
Child 6: Barbara Bommeli (1832-1833)
Child 7: Anna Barbara Bommeli (1834-1835)

Second Wife: Anna Maria Ammann (1806- )
Married: 4 Aug 1835
Place: Bussnang, Thurgau, Switzerland
Child 1: Johann Daniel Bommeli (1836-1903), aka Daniel Bonelli
Child 2: Susanna Bommeli (1838-1904), aka Suzette Bonelli
Child 3: Elisabetha Bommeli (1840- ), aka Elizabeth Bommeli
Child 4: Luise Bommeli (1843-1931), aka Luise Bonelli

Biographical Information:
Swiss Map Given by George Bonelli to George A. Smith, 27 Dec 1860 
Grave of Hans Georg Bonelli, Tooele City Cemetery, Tooele, Utah 

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