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Recent Additions to the Site

Added 19 Dec 2011:

William Henry Corry (1850-1917)

Added 18 Dec 2011:

Margaret Elizabeth Parry Corry (1877-1938)

Added 5 Oct 2011:

Photograph of "George Bommeli"

Added 29 Aug 2011:

Thomas Davies Roche Turley (1928-1992)

Added 28 Aug 2011:

Winifred Louise Corry Roche (1902-1956)

Added 04 Jul 2011:

Richard Eyring Turley (b. 1930)

Added 06 Jun 2011:

Edward Vernon Turley (1897-1987, Brief Biographical Sketch added

Added 05 Jun 2011:

Edward Vernon Turley (1897-1987) updated
Gladys Carol Tarpenning (1905-1995) added
Edward Vernon Turley, World War I Photos added
Edward Vernon Turley, Missionary Photos added

Added 31 Oct 2010:

New photo of Sarah Elizabeth Turley (1835-1914)

Added 16 Aug 2010:

The Papers of Theodore Turley (Under Construction)

Added 1 Jun 2010:

Link to Mary Bommeli's Grave Marker

Added 31 May 2010

Information related to Hans George Bonelli (1798-1875):
Swiss Map Given by George Bonelli to George A. Smith, 27 Dec 1860
Grave Marker, Tooele City Cemetery, Tooele, Utah

Added 17 Jan 2010:

Cemetery Marker Erected by Descendants, Beaver, Utah

Added 6 Oct 2009:

Charlotte Turley Bushman (1840-1899), Charcoal-Enhanced Photo
Photo added of Jacob Bushman (1830-1919)
Jacob Bushman (1830-1919), FamilyPhoto

Added 28 Sep 2009:

Link to grave marker photo for Edward Vernon Turley (1897-1987)

Added 3 May 2009:

Information on Jacob Bushman from DUP

Added 30 Mar 2009:

New page added for Charlotte Turley (1840-1899)
New page added for Jacob Bushman (1830-1919)
History of Jacob Bushman (1830-1919)

Added 16 Feb 2009:

Photo and wife added for Louis Osborne Turley (1911-2007)

Added: 31 May 2007:

Page updated for Louis Osborne Turley (1911-2007)
Obituary added for Louis Osborne Turley (1911-2007)

Added 18 Mar 2007:

Other copies of photo of Theodore Turley (1801-1871)

Added 15 Mar 2007:

Family Record of Edward Franklin Turley and Ida Elizabeth Eyring

Added 4 Mar 2007:

New photo of Clara Ann Tolton (1852-1932)

Added 3 Mar 2007:

Photo of Edward Christian Eyring (1868-1957) and Edward Franklin Turley

Added 6 Nov 2006:

New page for Edward Christian Eyring (1868-1957)